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Eye Care


Comprehensive Vision Examinations

Comprehensive vision examination is a vital part of a persons overall health. An eye examination is recommended for children and seniors every year. We prefer also seeing adults annually; however, some cases warrant more frequent visits.

A comprehensive eye examination starts with a quick form to determine your general health, family history, and how your eyes are used during your everyday life. Secondly, pretests will be performed to take measurements of the pressure inside your eye, and your prescription. The first pretest puffs a small blast of air into your eye, briefly flattening your cornea to take an estimate of your intraocular (inside your eye) pressure. The second pretest evaluates how your eye processes light. You will need to focus on an image as it moves in and out and the machine will be able to accurately estimate your prescription. 

After the preliminary tests, the doctor will then assess the health of your eyes through use of various equipment. Dilation of the pupils may be asked of the patient for a better assessment of the optic nerve. This requires patients to wait 20 minutes for their pupils to dilate and checked. Dilation lasts around 4-6 hours making the patients eyes sensitive to light and slightly blurry (Patients will not be able to drive).


Our clinic does not provide exams where only your prescription is checked. Our doctors must examine every aspect your eyes, this includes your prescription and overall eye health. This also applies to patients who regularly see or have recently been examined by an ophthalmologist.

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